Decision Making and Preparing for the Big Trip

Decision Making and Preparing for the Big Trip

So much preparation, planning, and decision making go into a big trip like this! (Travelling Australia or Europe or the World, for months or years, or with no end date in mind! – Wait, is that more indecision right there?)

Our travel plans have changed and morphed and even stalled, multiple times over the last probably 4 years!! But we are finally on our way again! Giving up our rental property for the 2nd time, again selling all our major furniture and most of our belongings! – I thought we had last time lol, but after the 5th ute load to my in-laws, I started to realise that I had kept way more than I’d meant to!!

So much preparation!! Especially if you’re giving up your house and choosing not to store the majority of your belongings! (And I dare say there’s even more involved with each year we’ve lived before we decide to take off – (especially if you’d bought into the consumerist society like I had!!) And even more still when you have children and you then have to decide with/for them, how to deal with all of their belongings and all the extra things we accumulate when we have these little blessings in our lives! Even when you’ve been trying to minimise for 5 years!!! – At least that’s my experience, I’m sure there are others who wouldn’t struggle with it quite as much as I have – like my husband, Jeremy, for instance, he’s much more cavalier and ruthless! He just gets on with it! Whereas I’m more sentimental and easily get overwhelmed with decision fatigue and anxiety and end up feeling paralysed! If you’re like me, breathe, it gets easier! And I find having an endpoint in mind really helps, otherwise, you could keep stretching it out forever! – Don’t let this become your excuse or let it hold you back from following your dreams and passions! Allow time for breaks, meditate, go for walks and give yourself some grace (half an hour walk is just as effective as half an anti-anxiety tablet according to my GP). More tips to come!

This time ALL our furniture is going/gone! And we are only keeping what we can take with us, plus storing a few boxes of stuff at my mum’s unit – the kids Twinkle Toes feet and hand sculptures, our favourite pictures, some baby clothes I couldn’t part with (especially as I definitely want more kids!) and a few other bits and bobs – still too much and still more than I’d like to be keeping, but we’re running out of time to deal with it all, and I’m finding it all a bit overwhelming at times! So as long as she’s happy and there’s room, (and we’re not paying for a storage locker!) – I’m going to leave some to deal with another day… or until we move out next week and there’s a little more time to sort through pictures etc and sell off the last few bits and pieces! BUT that will be eating into our adventure time, and I’m not so sure I’m willing to give any more of that up, after sacrificing the last two long weekends and too many other weekends and opportunities for fun and adventure! – Though we’ve still fitted in plenty of that! And the sacrifices made during this transition period will totally pay off when we get to embark on this incredible journey of endless adventures!
My advice to you is to start getting sorted early and leave room to enjoy the process; to take breaks; to fit in even just some mini-adventures; to spend time with loved ones; to slow down and appreciate the important things; be flexible; live in the moment and to love the life you live, while you create the life you want!

Some of our big steps during our preparations:
• Bought a caravan! (Ended up deciding to upgrade, so after doing it up, going on 4 (almost 5 or 6) adventures in it, we then sold it to fund our new van!!
• Booked tickets to an Off-grid living festival and workshops in Melbourne for the beginning of May!
• Booked our tickets on the Spirit of Tasmania for April!
• Bought the car!!! – (So many mini-decisions here! – more on that in another post!)
• Decided on an insurance company
• Signed up to do a blog building course with Wired Creatives – highly recommend!
• Decided on our blog name, picked a hosting, signed up and got it all started! Email, FB and Instagram pages too! YouTube still to come
• Booked our first house-sitting gig in QLD for August (before I’d decided if we’d fly or boat and wanted to make sure we could get some – with space for a van, kids and a puppy!)
• Committed to a plan and dates for when family will join us for a holiday in September in QLD!
• Booked tickets to METALLICA and SLIPKNOT in Brisbane in October! (And booked our first ever babysitter through the agency I used to run and still babysit through!! – – highly recommend!!)
• Booked tickets to the Cat in the Hat in NSW for July, for our Seuss mad 5-year-old!
• Applied for (and got all 3) Workaway experiences in Victoria (in case we couldn’t find a new van quickly and easily, plus they sound like amazing experiences and I love Workaway!!)
• Made plans to visit my cousin in Victoria!
• Decided to sell my pram, all the kid’s outdoor toys (trike, Cozy Coupe, wheelbarrow…) among many other things!
• Bought a new (2nd hand) Canon camera and Lowepro camera bag/backpack!
• Bought an awning for the car, roof pod in case no van, portable water filters and a few extra bits of camping/caravanning gear – LOVE our new Thermal pot!!! Going to come in SO handy! Especially being on GAPS and travelling!!
• Keeping busy sorting, selling, donating, minimising and getting ready to pack or store what’s left!
• Held two different market stalls to help offload some of the small stuff and selling the bigger things over Gumtree and Facebook Buy Swap & Sell pages
• Lots of tidying, cleaning, yard work and getting this house ready for vacate date! – with lots of help from our amazing Workaway guests! So grateful! Love Workaway and the awesome exchange and experiences they provide!! (Check out next time you’re booking a holiday or if you have a spare room and would be keen to welcome guests!)

Now with just one week left till vacate date, everything is falling into place and now it’s definitely happening!! – Just need the new van and to sell off a few more bits and pieces then clean!

Packing up to move out and travel, long term, with no return date in mind, is so much more work than a regular move!!

My top tips: take it one day at a time; one bite at a time (I’m much more the whole apple/whole apple cart kind of girl!); make lists (all the lists!); meditate, exercise, journal and celebrate the successes! Plus make time for the fun stuff and important things!

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